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Thirteen_themes - for original and fan fic challenges

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26th December 2005

the_blue_ninja5:56pm: The theme for this week is 'I love my Computer'

21st December 2005

the_blue_ninja5:23pm: Sorry the theme of the week for this week is so late, I haven't even had a night of sleep in two days. Must be a christmas thing.

The Theme of the Week for this week is: Bobble Hat!

The poll idea didn't seem to work, so we're back to me just telling you the new theme every monday.

16th December 2005

the_blue_ninja2:36pm: Just a quick reminder:

The theme of the week changes every week and will be changing to yet another christmassy one on Monday.


I had an idea. Every week I will present to you another thirteen themes for you to vote on. On Monday I will anounce the winnar and that will be the new theme of the week.

Here we go:

Poll #634941 Milly's gonna skin me for this.

What should be the new theme of the week?

Bobble hat
Generic teenage angst
Oh Christmas tree and other melodies
The night before Christmas
Je t'aime toujours (I still love you)
Santa Claws
The hole
The chimney

Everyone can vote in this poll. Just because.
the_blue_ninja1:11am: Title: Untitled (Cause I suck)

Fandom: Golden Sun
Themes: 5) “I wont die yet!”, and 11) Delicate
Rating: Theres a lot of swearing, and some sexual content so, 12.
Story: (This is a fake cut)
Current Mood: :D

14th December 2005

the_blue_ninja11:18am: Yo, the thirteen themes are:

1) Feeling bad.
2) Suprise!/Guess what?
3) Words fail
4) Snow
5) “I wont die yet!”
6) Only when you sleep
7) The sound of silence
8) Heaven/Redemption
9) Don't talk with your mouth full.
10) Dust
11) Delicate
12) Despair
13) Whatever happened to forever?

You can use them all at once, or one at a time. You can also use them in conjunction with the 'Theme of the week' which is a very christmassy 'Santa baby' this week. Enjoy.

13th December 2005

the_blue_ninja12:39pm: Yo! First post! Right, I should probably put down the rules and the form needed for posting.



- Play nice
- If you are submitting a critique, try to make it well balanced, and don't just point out the bad. (I know that nothing inspires me more than to find a review saying 'Well this aspect of your story sucked, but I liked this and this')
- If a flame war starts in the comments, the comments will be frozen.
- If the mods are to find a troll, their posts will (probably) be deleted.
- Try not to take yourself too seriously. We don't really want to end up on Fandom_Wank.
- It's a good idea to put tags on your post. It makes it a lot easier to look them up. Just put the fandom and the main character or pairing.
- Please put all stories in a post. If you want them to be taken seriously, do not put them in the comments.
- You have to use a theme for a story. Whether you use one, two or all of them is up to you. The theme of the week is only for that week however.
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